Aikido For Children


When looking to enroll your child in a martial arts program, it’s not only important to find a reputable school, it’s equally important to know what your child will actually be studying once they are enrolled there. At the Long Island Aikikai we do not teach fighting, we teach Aikido; a martial art in which the teachings and the techniques focus on harmonious resolutions to conflict.

Drawing from our 50 years of martial arts instruction, the Long Island Aikikai has developed an Aikido program specifically tailored to address the issues that children face today. Our classes are taught in a fun and safe environment; promoting cooperation, self-esteem, discipline,  concentration, and physical fitness.

In addition to the traditional benefits associated with studying a martial art, our children’s program also includes education on how to recognize, avoid, and diffuse bullying; an issue that is paramount to the well-being of children today.  Our anti-bully curriculum helps children understand what bullying is, recognize signs of bullying, and provides children with the tools they need to get help and stand up for themselves.

9:00 am
5:45 pm