Dojo Etiquette

Please read and familiarize yourself with our dojo etiquette and guidelines prior to entering the dojo. Since we are a traditional Japanese martial arts school, many of the rules follow cultural guidelines and should be understood as such.


  1. When entering or leaving the dojo and mat area, it is proper to bow in the direction of the Kamiza.
  2. Sign in on the attendance roster before starting class.
  3. Shoes should be worn in all areas of the dojo except on the mat. Shoes should be lined up, facing away from the Kamiza.
  4. Be on time for class. You should be lined up at least 5 minutes before the start of class. If you happen to be late, and class is already in session, change into your uniform, then wait quietly in on the edge of the mat until the instructor grants you permission to join practice. Once class starts you should not leave the mat without the permission of your instructor.
  5. Other than your normal training instruments (i.e. weapons), do not bring other items with you onto the mat. Remove watches, rings and other jewelry before practice. Food or beverages are not allowed in the training area.
  6. When class is in session please keep conversation quite and to an absolute minimum. Do not communicate with people who are not on the mat with you.
  7. While on the mat, do not lean against the walls or sit with your legs outstretched. Avoid sitting with your back -or feet- facing the Kamiza, peers, or teacher.
  8. Keep your training uniform and yourself, clean, in good shape, and free of offensive odors. Nails should be cut short and long hair should be tied off.
  9. The Dojo’s cleanliness and its presentation to visitors is everyone’s responsibility. Any members in attendance should assist in the dojo’s cleaning following Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday classes.
  10. To ensure the stability of the dojo, please pay your tuition before the 10th of the month.


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