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  • Hagihara Sensei, Chief Instructor

    E. Hagihara Sensei

    Chief Instructor
    Hagihara Sensei, 7thDan Shihan

    Hagihara Sensei has dedicated almost 60 years of his life to the art of Aikido. He began his Aikido training in Manhattan New York in the 1950's under Yasuo Ohara. After playing an instrumental role in the formation of the original New York Aikikai (circa 1961) as one of the seven founding members, Hagihara Sensei returned to Japan to train with the masters at the old Hombu Dojo. Hagihara Sensei's stay at Hombu Dojo was encapsulated by the private teachings and spiritual guidance of O’Sensei, who personally commanded Hagihara Sensei to "go and teach my Aikido". In 1964, Hagihara Sensei returned to New York to open the first Aikido Dojo on Long Island.

    In 1997 Hagihara Sensei was promoted to the rank of 7th Dan and in 2005 awarded the title of Shihan (Master Teacher). As the most senior member of the United States Aikido Federation and the longest running instructor in the US, Hagihara Sensei sits on the USAF Honorary Committee. Still active and teaching regularly, Hagihara Sensei stays true to O’Sensei’s message of peace and harmony; teaching Aikido that does not rely on mere physical strength. His focus on relaxation and Ki,  coupled with his deep knowledge of the inner philosophies of Aikido, continues to be a source of inspiration to many.

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