COVID Onboarding Course For Experienced Aikidoka

Four Class Course $50 Per Person, 6 Person Limit

The Long Island Aikikai is dedicated to providing a safe space to practice the art of Aikido. Due to the current COVID19 protocols and restrictions we have in place, we cannot offer open drop in classes to all as there are limitations on the number of students we can take in. We understand that many previously practicing Aikidoka may have lost their dojo space and wish to continue their practice. This twice a year course was created to provide an avenue of practice for those who would like to continue their journey at the Long Island Aikikai. For those who have previous Aikido experience and are interested in joining the dojo, you must first take our four week COVID19 Onboarding Course before you can join in our regular practice. This is to ensure that you are familiar with all of the health and safety protocols that have been implemented and will remain implemented while COVID19 is still a threat.

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS COURSE and please contact the dojo if you are a displaced dojo that would prefer to rent space for yourself and your students instead (no more than 7 people per group). The Protocols course still must be completed by all entrants, but you will be provided dedicated training space with protocols in place at a flat hourly rate. You will NOT be able to receive rank through the LIA with this avenue.


Please sign up for this course by clicking the Pay Now button below. It will take you to our Paypal page where you can pay for and reserve your spot. Please note there are only 6 spots available, and if it has been sold put, please scroll down and sign up for our wait list.

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This form puts you on the waitlist for the next session and provides you detailed information on what to expect during the course that you can read over while you wait. If enough interested parties are on the waitlist, you won’t have to wait for the Spring 2020 Session as we will open another session after

Class Goals

  • Familiarize each prospective member with the health and safety protocols of the Long Island Aikikai. We have found that 4 classes is the minimum number of classes it takes to make the protocols habit.
  • Familiarize each prospective member with the different phases of training at the Long Island Aikikai. This is so that in the event restrictions tighten again, new members are familiar with earlier phases and can return to them easily.
  • Familiarize each prospective member with the Long Island Aikikai dojo space, culture, and operations.
  • Familiarize each prospective member with their instructor and their training group.
  • Build up a tolerance for masked training.

Class Schedule (Sundays at 7pm for 45 Minutes) for 2020 Fall Entry

  • Class 1 (8/2/2020) – Health, Safety, and Cleaning Protocols and Solo Ukemi and Body Exercise Training
  • Class 2 (8/9/2020) – Health, Safety, and Cleaning Protocols and Solo Weapons Training
  • Class 3 (8/16/2020) – Health, Safety, and Cleaning Protocols and Paired Weapons Training (Jo)
  • Class 4 (8/23/2020) – Health, Safety, and Cleaning Protocols and Paired Weapons Training (Bokuto)

Informed Consent and Expectations of Training

In order to sign up for this class, you must first fill out the forms below and watch our COVID19 Protocol Walkthrough video

  • Acknowledgement of Responsibilities and Covid19 Waiver Form. Minimum age of practice is 13 years old.
  • Application to Train at the Long Island Aikikai.
  • Watch the COVID19 Protocol Walkthrough video located at the top of this page or by clicking the link provided.
  • Space is limited to 6 prospective new members, twice a year.
  • All new members should have prior Aikido experience. This is not an introduction to Aikido course.
  • A waitlist will be created for the Spring 2020 course for those who did not sign up in time for Fall 2020’s course. If there are enough people on the waitlist for another group, we will run a second one.
  • Deposits are refundable up to 3 days before the course starts, or if the prospective member contracts COVID19/comes into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID19 and must postpone the course before the course starts. For refunds unrelated to COVID, you must contact the dojo at minimum 3 days before the course is set to begin so we may give your spot to someone on the waitlist.
  • Should someone be unable to finish the course due to contracting COVID19/Coming into contact with someone who tests positive for COVID19, or other extenuating circumstances after the course begins, make-up sessions will be provided.
  • All protocol classes must be completed in order to be allowed to train so if you cannot dedicate those four days, we urge you to wait until you can.
  • After course completion, the group will be given its own time slots, guaranteed twice a week for practice. Monthly training fees are $75 per person.
  • The group will be closed which means new members cannot join the group—therefore please be certain you wish to commit to practicing at the Long Island Aikikai after the COVID19 Onboarding Course.
  • If you come from another dojo and have a group of members you would like to train with (and do not plan on testing with the LIA), please contact us by email to create a separate group and a protocol instructor will be assigned to you. Your non-testing group will not need an instructor from the LIA, and will be a study group for your members to participate in (however, all members need to go through the COVID19 Onboarding Course in order to use the space.) 7 Spots per group available for this option.
  • Please note that willfully ignoring protocols will result in barred entry from the dojo. While we understand the protocols add a layer of complexity to training, the LIA is dedicated to maintaining a safe space to practice which requires the cooperation of all its members.