Dojo Documents

Dojo Etiquette

Please read and familiarize yourself with our dojo etiquette and guidelines prior to entering the dojo. Since we are a traditional Japanese martial arts school, many of the rules follow cultural guidelines and should be understood as such.

Download PDF: Dojo Etiquette

Dojo Cleaning

In our Western culture, we often tend to think of cleaning as a “chore”, as demeaning work performed by others. It is important to our training that we transcend such ideas. To see work that needs to be done and to do it is, in and of itself, a special kind of training. The development of character and humility is equally as important as refining technique. The responsibility to keep the dojo clean is a communal one and all members should make sure it is clean and presentable for those that come through our doors. In this way we have the sense of a fresh start for all of our training, and leave the dojo in a state that reflects our respect for what we are learning.

Download PDF: Cleaning Schedule

Student Handbook

Please take a look at our student handbook regarding policies, health and safety, promotion requirements, history, etc.

Student Handbook Link