Useful Links


United States Aikido Federation

“The United States Aikido Federation (USAF) is a not-for-profit organization (501-C3), providing both technical and administrative guidance and support to its members. The USAF not only oversees the practice of Aikido and its instruction as established by Hombu dojo, the international headquarters in Japan, but also develops and maintains rigorous technical standards, while advancing and promoting the practice of Aikido through various activities.”
 Tozando Budo Store
“Founded in 1989, in Kyoto – the center of traditional Japanese culture, Tozando is a budo (Japanese martial arts) equipment manufacturer. From the conception and development of products, to the final sale, Tozando covers all aspects of the production process and distribution. Tozando’s mission is to help all people gain access to budo equipment made in accordance with the highest manufacturing standards and Japanese traditions.”

Kingfisher Woodworks

“Kingfisher WoodWorks LLC manufactures wooden weapons specific to the Japanese sword related martial arts – mainly swords and staffs used in the aiki martial arts and selected wooden swords of the old schools (koryu). We work from two facilities in Wilder, Vermont. While small orders for individuals make up our primary business, we occasionally supply the film industry art departments and property master shops including the bokken used in Edward Zwick’s “The Last Samurau”, props used in GI Joe Retaliation and fighting sticks used in Marvel/Netflix Daredevil series.”