Hourly Mat Space Rental


(With an extra half hour before and after the start time regardless of length for changing/stretching/setting up.)


(If committed to a minimum 3 month lease. We offer discount pricing as well on a case by case basis for requests of 20 or more hours a month, contact the number below to discuss.)

Text (646) 582-9896 for more information, further questions, or to set up a tour of the space.

If you are looking for a low cost, low commitment mat space rental on long Island, the Long Island Aikikai is offering mat space share on an hourly basis. Please check our class schedule to view available rental times (any time slot not taken by a class.) This is the perfect option for a yoga, fitness and exercise, or other martial art school/instructor who wish to start a school or just looking for a place to practice that already has mats and facilities.

Bathroom (with shower) and male and female changing rooms will be for your use. Choose between the first floor space with mats (best for martial arts or exercise that have throwing or require people to be on the ground like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, etc.) or the second floor meditation space, with polished wood floors for standing arts such as Iaido, Tai Chi, or Qigong.


  • ~750sqft of mat space or ~750sqft of meditation space (polished wood floors).
  • Bathroom with shower.
  • Male and female changing rooms.
  • Parking on property lot.
  • Speak with the landlord if you would like your school to be added to this website.

What we would require from you:

  • Insurance, with All Island Development Group LLC as ”additionally insured.”
  • For monthly payments, a deposit equal to first month’s rent.
  • Signed lease, personally guaranteed by an agent or owner of the school (if renting under school.)
  • Please be aware no shoes are allowed on the mats, the second floor polished meditation space, or the changing rooms.
  • Unfortunately no outside signage is allowed as per town regulations as we are zoned for private clubs only.