Free Trial Class

What is Aikido?


Aikido is a traditional Japanese Martial Art with roots in Japanese sword and short staff work. It is a great form of exercise–improving flexibility, coordination, balance, and overall mental and physical well being. Get in shape while having fun and learning new skills, such as sword work, rolling, and falling safely in a cooperative training environment. Take a look at our Instagram page for videos of what we do and then read on below to see how you can take a free trial class. For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit this page.

What us the difference between the free trial class and the free introductory class? The free trial class takes place during regular class hours on Tuesdays and Sundays, so you can try a class in a mixed experience setting. The introductory class is a class with a specific introductory curriculum designed to introduce you to the basics before you enter the regular class schedule. 

How to get started with your free trial class:

We understand that it can be a daunting task to dive into a new activity so we believe a free trial lesson is the best way to see and experience the benefits of our school. No matter your age or fitness level, our instructors will work to make sure you have a fun and rewarding class. No uniform or previous experience is needed.

1. Choose between the Tuesday night class at 7-8pm or the Sunday morning class at 11am. You can also choose to try Iaido on Monday nights at 7-8pm or Thursday nights at 7-8pm.

3. Wear something that covers your knees and elbows and that’s easy to move around in! We recommend sweatpants and a thin, long sleeved shirt. No socks on the mat, please–you don’t want to slip and slide!

4. You must fill out these two forms before class begins.

Training Waiver Form

5. Show up! You can arrive 20 minutes before class begins so you can meet the instructor and tour the facility if you’d like. We will also reach out beforehand to answer any questions you may have. Sometimes our emails bounce into spam, or the phone number provided either cannot receive texts or had an off digit so if you don’t hear from us, it’s okay! So long as you filled out those forms, you’re all set.

6. Take the class, and if you like it, great! If you find that Aikido is not for you, that’s okay, you tried something new and that counts for everything! We hope that you enjoy whatever you end up doing and am glad you gave us a try.

I loved the trial class and want to sign up! What now?

1. Awesome! We’re glad you found it enjoyable! If you decide you’d like to move forward and sign up with us, you can pay for a month of unlimited classes (our fees can be found here) by following this link, or remit a check made out to Long Island Aikikai/cash in an envelope labeled with your name and the LIA. A student ID card will be provided to you for signing in to class. You can also pay after the trial class.

2. Ask us about the current discounts we’re running! We have discounts for veterans, students, law enforcement, volunteer firefighters and emergency respondants, and seasonal coupons.

3. You can either purchase a white judogi (the basic uniform) from us, which includes a top, pants, and belt, or you can source your own online. We occasionally have weapons (bokken which is the traditional wooden practice sword, and jo, which is the wooden short staff) for sale as well, and if not, can point you in a direction where you can purchase your own set.

4. If you have done Aikido before and would like to transfer your information to our dojo, please let the dojocho know at your earliest convenience. We would simply need your previous dojo’s name and contact information to do so.