Private Group Classes

Private Group Lessons

Schedule private group lessons by calling us at 877-245-4524 or by emailing us at

Trying to figure out what to do for an activity or event? Looking for a team building activity for your corporate group? Or maybe instead of an expensive trip to Vegas, you’d rather stay close to home for a fun packed bachelor/bachelorette party? Want to step outside the box when it comes to dates or birthday parties? Book the Long Island Aikikai for private group classes! Group events are charged by person with a standard rate of $25 per participant, minimum of 3, for a one hour class. On site and off-site events available.

(Not-for-profit charity events are not charged and donated time—limited yearly events available. Please contact us for information on that.)

Take a look below at the private events we host.

Corporate Team Building Events

A private group Aikido class is great for corporate team building activities. Since it requires members to practice with one another, it can foster collaboration, communication, trust (after all, you have to trust that the other person won’t hurt you in class!), increase motivation and productivity, and encourage creativity in group problem solving situations.

Stunt Training

Many stunt persons choose to add Aikido training into their repertoire since the choreography and focus on blending and falling safely looks great on screen. Sword and short staff cinematography can also be developed with special focused classes. We are happy to provide both a training space and instruction for your filming needs!

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Instead of spending an insane amount of money on a trip to Vegas, if you were looking to stay close to home and have everyone participate in a fun activity, book the dojo for a private group lesson. Learn to throw like a martial arts movie star, or choreograph samurai sword fights, all the while learning about Japanese culture and traditions.

Birthday Parties

If you’re tired of dinner and cake, and want to throw an exciting birthday party for yourself or a loved one, contact us to set one up! Learning new skills while having fun and moving around is a great gift that stays with us for a lifetime.

Couples and Group Dates

Dates can be generic and boring, especially if you have already seen all the good movies and painting while drinking isn’t really your cup of tea—for the adventurous couple, trying something new is the hallmark of having fun! Since Aikido is practiced with a partner, you and your date will be able to take what you learned home.

Community, Education, and Charity Events

An Aikido demonstration or class can be great for community, educational, and charitable events such as cultural festivals, school festivals, cancer and domestic violence awareness events. The Long Island Aikikai is dedicated to contributing to our community in a meaningful way, so we have a number of limited free activity classes for events that fall under this category. Please contact us with the information available on our contact us page to set one up.